Organize a Team

Entering a team to swim 26.2 miles (1,844 laps) is a great way to exercise together with friends, family or co-workers by training and spending time together to reach your fundraising and swimming goal!

Each swimmer has access to their very own team page to make it easier to organize coordinate and fundraise.

A team can have up to 12 swimmers.  It is recommended to have one or two substitutes. If you have more than the maximum number of team members or you don’t have enough team members we will help coordinate and put you in touch with other team captains.

The registration fee of $25 per swimmer is donated to Every Mother Counts but each team is encouraged to set a team fundraising goal.


Steps to organizing a team:

1. Create a team - register as an individual, have a team name and a plan create a team to become Team Captain, which you will share with the organizers.

2. Invite others to join the team - post your team page link on Facebook and Twitter then email all your friends and colleagues asking them to join your team. Members will need to register themselves for the event and sign the Participant Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity AgreementAs Team Captain, you need to fill the team with enough swimmers to keep going for 12 hours.

3. Start fundraising – Become familiar with the mission of EMC charity.  Set a team goal and ask all team members to contribute, or hold a special fundraising event as a team. Keep team members up to date on how you are all going and who is raising the most. If you have the same friends or co-workers, ask sponsors to donate towards the team as a whole, rather than individual team members, by donating online via your team page.

4. Swim - make sure your team is well informed about the swim, know their starting time(s) and are ready.  Enjoy the experience of working together to swim for 12 hours to raise funds for someone who might have to travel many miles or hours to reach healthcare providers and facilities.

Creating your Webpage:

When you sign up, your very own Crowdrise web page will be created. Use your web page to journal your preparation and fundraising and to thank all those that have sponsored the team.

Your team web page can show:

  • A list of all team members, team photo(s)

  • All team sponsors with donation amounts and messages of support

  • Total amount raised by the team (online, offline and personal donations)

  • Team message and fundraising goal

The team captain shall be able to:

  • Know all team members and their individual fundraising totals

  • Have all team member email addresses and contact information

  • Send emails and messages to thank all your team sponsors and donors.

  • Manage offline donations

  • Edit your team page photo, message and fundraising goal

The online system makes it easy for you to manage and organize your team and for others to support your team.